Cambo Estate

When it comes to hosting parties, Cambo has ancient reputation to uphold.
It was because of a good party that the original house burnt to the ground in 1879 and the Erskine’s have been known to host a fair few shindigs ever since.
Today it is well known that Cambo is the single most magical place to tie the knot.
With our variety of venues,
elegant accommodations and idyllic surroundings, there is nowhere better to bring together the people you love to say “I do”.
We offer you the freedom to celebrate with the people you love in your own way, at your own pace. The extraordinary variety of events that Cambo has hosted over the years qualifies us as one of the most accommodating venues in Scotland. We work with the best of local talent to deliver the ultimate bespoke wedding experience.

Cambo is no ordinary wedding venue.