Weddings at the National Mining Museum

Opulent Catering are excited to launch a new glimpse of our video showcasing the National Mining Museum of Scotland.

If you are looking to book a unique venue then look no further.

Catering Edinburgh

Catering Edinburgh

With the mercury hitting 29 degrees and long sunny days in Scotland mean only one thing on peoples mind…….BBQ’s! Opulent Catering Edinburgh have been inundated with enquiries for all sorts of BBQ’s.

We are obsessed with BBQ’s in this country and whenever there is a break from the usual rain or cloud then people take every chance to have a BBQ…..but BBQ’s for large numbers can mean you need professional help and thats where Opulent Catering Edinburgh come in. Opulent cater for parties large and small but most important we back up our delicious food with great service from the moment you make contact until the clear away stage of your event.

If you haven’t seen our BBQ menu’s then they are something that you don’t want to miss and will ensure to get your taste buds tingling with delight. Check our menus here.

Catering Edinburgh

Catering Edinburgh

Why do we love BBQ’s so much? Well there is something about eating “al fresco” but also down to the way that cooking on a BBQ infuses food so much more than can be done in a pan or oven that we love. It’s also a hark back to the primitive way that humans first started to learn about cooking their food over a fire many centuries ago. Recent scientific research have gone to great lengths to explain why BBQ’d meat taste so good –

To get the best taste from a BBQ always use Charcoal – Many people don’t realise that charcoal is actually wood that’s been heated in the absence of oxygen. Wood chips contain a chemical compound called lignin which, when fired up, gets broken down and produces another compound called guaiacol. The guaiacol in the charcoal is what then produces that deep, smokey wood fired flavour.

But the “holy grail of all culinary chemical reactions,” , is when the Maillard reaction rearranges the amino acids and sugars in the muscle meat to produce the quintessential browned color and mouthwatering taste of barbecue. When juices from the meat drip onto the charcoal, they produce even more delicious-tasting compounds that float upwards and saturate the meat with even more flavor.

If you love the thought of someone coming in to cook for your guests and leaving without you having to as much as wash a dish then contact us today either by phoning our office on 0131 448 2038 or email

Caterer Edinburgh

New Menu’s

As from the 1st of March Opulent Catering will be launching new for 2017 menu’s.

If you want catering from the best caterer in Edinburgh then Opulent Catering is your choice. Please click on our menu tab to see what is getting everyones taste buds going. As Edinburghs premier caterer we ensure that both seasonal quality and freshness are our number 1 priority and this is then apparent from the reviews we have received.

If you require catering in Edinburgh for any occasion such as a Wedding, Corporate Event, Product launch, canapes or just a really nice private dinner party then we are the company you can trust to deliver a 5 star service.

Please remember to contact us with any bespoke requirements you may have.

See our menu’s here.